Contact us for prices for Turtle Tours and Party Tours.

Turtle and Shipwreck Tour Details :

  • Our daily tours start from 10am, we are based at Carlisle Bay and can pick up from here or the surrounding area. If you would like to inquire about pick up from a beach local to your accommodation then please contact us in advance of booking.
  • You will be met by one of our members of staff, who will then get you onto the boat and ready for the start of your trip.
  • We will then make our two stops, the order of these will be decided on the day.
  • We offer packages both with drinks and without.
  • All snorkeling equipment is provided and we have both adult and child life jackets if required.
  • Our staff are very friendly and accommodating and will provide assistance at all times. No need to worry if you cannot swim or are not a strong swimmer, we are very patient and will help in any way needed to ensure you are comfortable and confident in the water.
  • There is a small stepladder at the rear of the boat for entering and exiting the water and a ramp at the front for accessing the boat from the beach.
  • We have a speaker system onboard so you can enjoy some music while with us and taking in the spectacular views all around.
  • We ask that guests bring their own towel if required.
  • Our staff are able to capture photographs of you and your group and will arrange sending these to you afterwards, if you would like photos please confirm at booking.
  • Our tours usually last between 60 and 120 minutes.
  • Once the tour is finished we will drop you back to the pick up point.